Mission Statement  

The mission of New Century Technology High School is to provide an academic environment that is both challenging and nurturing. Based in a rigorous STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) curriculum, New Century offers students the opportunity to develop their talents in team building, critical thinking, and communicating. In addition to 21st Century skills, New Century will also lead students on paths that promote excellence in academic achievement, leadership, service, and citizenship. Students will be prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education as well as high-tech careers of today and tomorrow.  

  About The School  

School Concept

New Century Technology High School (NCTHS) will celebrate its thirteenth graduating class in May of 2015. Over the course of the eighteen plus years of its existence, New Century has experienced many transitions, adversities, and ultimately triumphs. The most recent iteration of NCTHS sees it as Huntsville City School’s only magnet high school with an emphasis in STEM education. Students and families at New Century choose to apply from the entirety of the City of Huntsville; currently there are 396 students enrolled in grades 9-12.

New Century’s demographic is a mirror image of Huntsville City Schools. Generally speaking, the percentages of white and black students are equal (41% White, 39% Black) with the remaining percentages of students comprising mostly Hispanic (9%), Multi-racial, Asian, and Other. 

In 2012, the school was physically relocated from the western edge of Huntsville City, to a more central location in the newly built Lee High School building. Since this move, more students from the south and east parts of Huntsville have showed a greater interest in applying to New Century and the overall enrollment of the school has increased.

New Century's purpose is to provide students a rigorous and relevant learning environment infused with technology and 21st Century skills in innovation, discovery, and collaboration. Values fostered at New Century include: embracing diversity, ethical behavior, and academic excellence.

All students at New Century are selected for admission based on their interest in technology in the areas of engineering, computer science, or biomedical science. Students complete 2 additional electives in these areas each year in addition to the requirements set forth by State of Alabama. All students at New Century are expected to complete the Huntsville City Schools Honors Diploma and are asked to take the most advanced classes in the core areas in which they are able to experience academic success. An emerging area of focus at New Century is an embodiment of ethical behavior for students. Respect for diversity, fairness, and personal responsibility are expectations that are integrated within the curriculum.





Continuous Improvement Plan

Alabama Continuous Improvement Plan for 2014